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Therapeutic Model

Dynamic Support Service supports the therapeutic approach.

ARC is a framework for intervention with individuals who have experienced multiple and/or prolonged traumatic stress. ARC identifies three core domains that are frequently impacted among traumatised individuals, and which are relevant to future resiliency.

The ARC framework is built around the following core targets of intervention. These targets are addressed in client – and system-specific ways, with an overarching goal of supporting the individual.

A growing research base suggests that ARC leads to a reduction in child posttraumatic stress symptoms and general mental health symptoms, as well as increased adaptive and social skills.

The Attachment, Regulation and Competency (ARC) Framework is a flexible, components-based intervention developed for individuals who have experienced complex trauma, along with their caregiving systems. ARC’s foundation is built upon four key areas of study: normative development, traumatic stress, attachment, and risk and resilience. Drawing from these areas, ARC identifies important skills and competencies which are routinely shown to be negatively affected by traumatic stress and by attachment disruptions, and which – when addressed – predict resilient outcomes. 

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