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Needing a place to call home?


SIL - Supported Independent Living

Dynamic Support Services provides Supported Independent Living; our properties are mainly in the Inner West, Western Sydney and South-west Sydney. The houses are in a quiet neighbourhood with access to shopping centres, medical clinics and other facilities. 


We pride ourselves on having a high standard of SIL dwellings. Each house has communal areas such as a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and front and back veranda where our participants can engage in collaborative activities or relax in their free time.


Dynamic Support Services conducts a thorough matching process to assess the compatibility of our participants sharing the same accommodation. We ensure that participants are matched so each house can live harmoniously, but not limited to age, gender, disability and interests.


Dynamic Support Services continues to find cost-effective ways to accommodate costs so participants can still enjoy and live their lives to the fullest with choice and control.

Dynamic Support Services believes that the people we support have their own choice and control over their lives. We also want people to reach their potential, see their own resilience and build their capacity to connect within the community.

SDA - Specialist Disability Accommodation

Specialist Disability Accommodation is housing that enables high-needs participants to receive the support they need in an accessible purpose-built dwelling. If eligible, NDIS will provide SDA funding towards the accommodation for the participant to live and receive their daily support.


The NDIS is committed to ensuring that SDA provides homes for people with high needs, not just simply a building where they live. This includes limiting the number of residents per house from between one(1) to five(5) in a single dwelling.


SDA homes may range from purpose-built apartments in a mixed development to modified free-standing houses.


It is important to note that SDA is not housing for all people with a disability; it only caters for those who need a specialist housing solution. 

SDA funding


The NDIS has been established to provide reasonable and necessary support to people with permanent and significant disabilities. This means the NDIS can pay for support related to your disability, including, where necessary, support related to your accommodation.


As an NDIS participant, you will go through a planning process in which you meet with an NDIS representative to discuss your current situation and support. If required, this will include conversations about your need for SDA. This process may lead to an assessment of your need for SDA.

Looking for respite?

If you are unsure how to read your plan, contact us at (02) 8964 3106 or via our contact page.

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